Tubac Arizona – Sightseeing around southern Arizona


If you’re thinking about visiting Tubac but you’re not sure if there’s enough to do and see, think again! With plenty of historic buildings and areas to explore, art galleries and shopping centers, you’ll find no shortage of sightseeing activities and tourist attractions. Here are some of the main places you can visit during your trip to Tubac.

Tubac Presidio State Historic Park

If you’re interested in the history of Arizona in general or specifically the history of Tubac, this is an absolute must for you to see. Apart from the ruins of the commander’s quarters and other foundations that you can see and walk on, you can also view the artifacts which were discovered when the presidio was evacuated in the 18th century. In 2010, Arizona’s laws changed in regards to money, and short-term loans and other funds were scrapped. Tubac Presidio State Historic Park nearly had to close down since there were not enough funds to keep it running, but the local people in Tubac village teamed up to create a private-public partnership which meant the park could remain open for many more years to come.

Tubac Center of the Arts

For a stay in Tubac that lets you fully immerse yourself into what goes on there with the locals, time your trip with some of the events hosted by the Tubac Center of the Arts. This center is run by the local people of Tubac and holds exhibitions and concerts throughout the year. As well as walking around and viewing the galleries and paintings which are on show, you can also attend the Christmas concerts, percussion showcases and annual Spring concert.

Anza Trail

For a great walk in the heart of Tubac’s history, take a stroll along the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail. In total, the trail goes on for 1,210 miles, so it’s virtually impossible to cover the whole trail during your stay in Tubac. However, you can visit parts of the trail and plan your trip beforehand to make sure you manage to see all the areas you’re interested in. Most parts of the trail surrounding Tubac are heavily shaded, making it a cooler walk during the warmer months.

K Newby Gallery and Sculpture Garden

One of the many galleries in Tubac, the K Newby Gallery is full of beautiful sculptures both indoors and outdoors and also many paintings and other works of art. The works are not limited to one particular artist either – there is a huge variety of different artwork to be viewed here. While a lot of the work is on sale, there is no obligation to buy anything and the staff are quite happy for visitors to wander around in awe of the beautiful creations. Many visitors recommend spending at least 2-3 hours here in order to fully enjoy everything on offer.

Flying Leap Tasting Room and Art Gallery

If you want an art gallery with a difference, head over to the Flying Leap Tasting Room and Art Gallery for some wine-tasting fun. The tasting room has been set up in a blacksmith’s shop, giving visitors a historic and authentic experience. With a huge array of red and white wines to taste, visitors to this tasting room can enjoy the wine alone or pair it with a meal on the patio outside. Shaded in warm weather to ensure the comfort of all their guests, the outdoor fountain adds a lovely touch to the surrounding views. If you’re visiting during the winter, a roaring fire will be glowing as you sample the wines and relax with a light meal or snack.