Shopping places in Tubac

Working Artists and their Studios/Galleries

Designs in Copper (520) 398-2406
Fountains, wall decor, and unique items from copper. Hand made furniture

Hal Empie Studio (520) 398-2811
Prints and some originals from the late Tubac artist Hal Empie.

Hugh Cabot Gallery (520) 398-2721
Prints and some originals from the late Hugh Cabot. The gallery is authentic early Arizona construction in old town.

Clay Hands Gallery (520) 398-2885
Decorative american ceramics by Dianne Lyle and 30 other potters. Classes are available.

Cloud Dancer
Local jeweler Tom Barbarie, creates original pieces on site and offers other originals by local artists and native americans.

Roberta Rogers Studio (520) 979-4122
Roberta, a local watercolorist displays her work in her studio and also has unique cards and gifts.

James Culver’s Sole Shoe (520) 398-2204
Hand made leather items by Mr. Culver and a whole lot of unusual shoes.

Geddes Studio in El Presidido (520) 398-8089
Dichroic glass art hand made in her own studio.

Fine Art Galleries – Serious Artistic Offerings

Cobalt Fine Arts (520) 398-1200
Paintings , sculpture and ceramics by local and national artists

Red Door Gallery (520) 398-3943
Fine art by C.K. Wearden , Eggman Negali jewelry , gourds by Gibson, Oaxacan folkart, Navajo and Zuni pieces

Purcell Gallery (520) 398-1600
Fine art by Roy , Ross & Diane Purcell, silversmith J. Toner, Zavida Gemstones by McAllister

K. Newberry & Sculpture Garden (520) 398-9662
Western and Southwestern art

Big Horm Gallery (520) 398-9209
Western and Southwestern art

Bell Canto Gallery (520) 398-3304
Jewelry by Carol Curry as well as ethnic works

Feminine Mystique Gallery (520) 398-0473
Local and international female artists

General Retail – Art & Decor, Furniture

Quilts LTD (800) 255-2306
Handmade quilts and jackets from around the world

Casa Maya (520) 398-3933
Mexican creations

Tubac Territory (520) 398-2913
Locally crafted furniture primarily mesquite wood including tables, chairs etc.

La Paloma De Tubac (520) 398-9231
The largest and most extensive collection of Mexican ceramics, bowls, yard art objects

Four Winds Gallery (520) 398-9555
Mexican and Native American designs and art

Rogaway’s Turquoise Gallery (520) 398-2041
Contemporary jewelry and sculptures

Grumpy Gringo Fine Cigars
A wide selection of cigars and a great patio to smoke them.

Mariah’s Botique (520) 398-8582
Women’s clothing and accessories

Cowgirl Ugly (520) 398-9415
Women’s western wear and accessories

Graham Bell Gallery (520) 398-3084
Cowboy and Rodeo photography and memorabilia

Heir Looms (520) 398-2369
Rugs of all types from the world over a large collection

La Cucaracha (520) 398-3165
A large and unique collection of Mexican home decor to include tiles, lighting and hardware

Lily’s (520) 398-1319
Home decor, ceramics by Lily , large gift collection

Pajolo Alpacas (520) 437-1561
Original Clothing creations hand made from our own herds wool in Austin MN. Be warm and stylish.