Tubac Arizona – Tubac Village

Tubac Village

In Arizona, there are several villages which have been preserved in their original state; however, none are quite so untouched as the beautiful colony of Tubac.

Acres of green land and the gorgeous Santa Cruz River add the natural beauty to this location, while buildings dating back to the mid-18th century add a more modern yet interesting touch. The myriads of artwork on display around the village allows locals and visitors to get an insight into the history of this place, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The village of Tubac can be found in the south central area of Arizona, along the Santa Cruz River Valley. This particular valley begins at Tucson and goes all the way into Mexico, so Tubac is just a small part of it.

The village was established when the Spanish came along and decided it would be a great location for the Presidio of San Ignacio de Tubac, in other words, the Fort of Tubac. Built to protect their settlements in 1752, this soon became a very special place to those who needed safety.

Visitors interested in learning more about the history of Tubac when it was first founded can take a trip to the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park.

This park contains the ruins of some of the first buildings which were created by the Spanish settlers, and it is interesting to see a timeline of events and see the exact ground on which the Spanish army would have walked all those years ago.

Unlike other villages, Tubac is situated very high up at 3,200 feet. Rather than receiving plenty of cold weather, the residents of Tubac enjoy mild winters and also mild summers.

The temperature remains comfortable for most people throughout the year, making it a great choice of location for those who don’t like extreme seasons. In the winter, the average temperature is around 11 degrees Celsius, and during the summer, the temperature stays at an average of 25 degrees Celsius.

Loaded with gift shops and galleries, it’s a great place for everybody to browse and shop, particularly if you are interested in American history. Many visitors find beautiful souvenirs and gifts which they can take back home to their family members and friends after their trip.

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When visiting Tubac for the first time, people notice the beautiful trees which are on display almost everywhere you look. Cottonwood, acacia and mesquite trees are just a few of the varieties of plant which you will observe while you’re strolling through this village, and the fact that the fort was built on a chaparral is the reason for the abundance of plant life.

Within Arizona, Tubac is the only real artist’s colony which remains, making it very special and unique. Apart from those who have lived there for their entire lives, many painters, sculptors and artists are attracted to this village for obvious reasons.

Artists such as Walter Wilson have moved from other states and areas of the United States in order to settle down in this quiet yet interesting village and submerge themselves in the artwork and creations.